Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción

Expert Diploma in Video Game Translation & Localization

Game content translation. Game localization. Adaptation of subtitles for video games.

University Pompeu Fabra

Master in Chinese Studies

Development of Chinese economy. Chinese language and literature. Chinese for academic research.

University Oberta de Catalunya

Eastern Asia Studies

Chinese business and trading. International Relations in Northeast Asia. Chinese language for professional purposes.

University of Alicante

Translation & Interpreting Studies

Legal translation EN-ES Sworn translation EN-ES Business and financial translation EN-ES


Valiant Game Studio

Localization of Kaleidocraft

Translation and localization from English into Spanish (EU).

Hackranch, LLC.

Localization of Number Delver

Translation and localization to the Spanish market into both Spanish and Catalan.

Rayark Games

Proofreading of Soul of Eden

Proofreading and edition from Chinese into Spanish.

Dragonbaby, LLC.

World End Club localization

Localization from English into Spanish of the in game content as well as the marketing text for the Apple Store.

2014 - Current

Legal and Financial Translator

Collaboration with several translations agencies in Spain, USA and China in the translation of legal and financial documentation such as: •Company's By-Laws •Transcript of records and university certificates • Police clearance reports • Certificates of birth and death • Marriage certificates • Power of the Attorney • Labour contracts • Last will and testament • Consolidated statements

Further Education

Introduction to Python for Linguists

Variables Basic operators Basic functions Control flow Working with dictionaries

Post-Editing Machine Translation

Different PE styles PE and Translation Memory Systems PE and controlled languages

Professional Economy and Financial Translation

• Commercial contracts • Corporate management • Financial results • Banking products and services • Financial markets

Family Law for Translators

• Marriage and martial property system • Specific rights applied to family law • Divorce procedure

Financial Translation: Asset Management and Equity Funds

• Translation of asset management • Equity funds


  • Spanish (EU)
  • Catalan
  • English (UK)
  • English (USA)
  • Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
  • Chinese (Simplified, PRC)

Professional Associations