David Plaza García

Hi! I'm an English & Chinese-into-Spanish & Catalan translator specialized in video game and website localization plus legal translation. And I DO love my job!

What I Do

General Translation (EN/ZH-ES/CAT)

Are you planning to establish a branch of your company in Spain? Do you want your webpage to reach the local market? Do you want to know what it says in those Chinese instruction manuals? Search no more! I can help you translate all the documentation of your company, your website and those terms and conditions that sound so dreadful.

Video Game Localization (EN/ZH-ES/CAT)

Translating video games can be strenuous, but it is worthwhile. Do you know what happens when a language lover meets a gamer? That you get someone who takes very seriously and enjoys every minute of the translation of a video game. As a player I know the whereabouts of each system and as a translator I paid close detail to the terminology of each game I work with. A video game translation, done by a gamer!

Sworn Translation (EN-ES)

Are you applying for a Master's degree in Spain? Do you have to deal with all the tedious paperwork of your naturalization procedure? Want to live happily ever after but it turns out that you need your marriage papers in English? Relax, I can deal with all the red tape that needs a special care with my English-Spanish sworn translation exclusive service.

Editing, Proofreading & Post-Edition (ES/CAT)

Do you want to double check a translation? Did you write an article but you are not very sure if there would be any typos? Not 100% sure of that annoying subjunctive in either Spanish or Catalan? Fear not! I can help you doble check your translation or assist you to make it sound more natural with my reviewing services.


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